Established in 2003, the name AIX-EN-TRIC was born in Nirvana's head. Inspired by the natural beauty of AIX-EN-PROVENCE, as well as the passion for life of the people, the art, the history gorgeous surroundings and things but with a familiar yet whimsical feel to them, with a down to earth friendliness unlike any other.
One night, as they were trying to find the perfect name to suit the boutique, the husband and wife team were thinking then Nirvana shouts "I got it! Our store will be AIX-EN-TRIC!" And thus began their journey...

This team may sometimes be the funniest couple you will ever encounter, they often get asked if they are married when a new person visits the store, this has a lot to do with the personable service each visitor receives and the level of comfort you are in while perusing through gorgeous jewellery for yourself or a loved one. 
Before going out on this venture, Armen worked out of the Toronto office of one of the oldest diamond companies in the world established in the city for over 30 years. Having been sent to Belgium to study diamonds, he shares his knowledge and passion of the gems with his clients in the most detailed manner. He is dedicated to make everyone feel as comfortable as can be and educating them before they make any purchase. 
Nirvana who moved to Toronto from Montreal when they got married, was pursuing an acting career before the shop. She also ran her family business for many years, has a background in retail management in luxury establishments, and was apprenticing with a renowned jeweler in Montreal, running one of his downtown stores.
Her passion for what she does is apparent the moment she starts talking wether it's a beautiful piece that she has curated from overseas, or one of the brand names they carry, or she is designing your one of a kind piece of jewellery. She has a discerning eye for the most unique and chic. She believes in magic, and magic happens here for sure!
They have also sponsored for TIFF and the Gemini awards red carpet. Their list of clients include celebrities, company CEO's, and local fans alike. 

Nestled in the heart of the Beach Village, the atmosphere is both cosy and luxurious. There is a positive vibe that as soon as one sets foot in the store. 
The unique store design was also something that Nirvana dreamt up.
Using elements such as old barnboard ceilings concrete arches, all custom designed showcases, one feels like they are carried to another time and space. 

AIX-EN-TRIC carries brand names like Thomas Sabo, Alex & Ani, Babylonia handmade silver jewellery from Greece which are hand picked by Nirvana and the only place where you'll find them in Canada, Uno de 50, Kassali, and  Daniel Wellington watches, the only place you can get them in "The Beaches", plus a few more hidden gems as well.
They also do custom designs of any kind of jewellery, whether it be diamond engagement rings or simple silver pendants built to suit any taste or budget, made with the utmost care, attention to detail and love, to last a lifetime, and to pass on from one generation to the next.
They've been known to make the impossible possible in the line of work that they do!

Phone: (416) 690-8500